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Sizeze Eswatini back to training

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The Swaziland national side, Sizeze Eswatini have been called back to training. Director of Coaching, Malindi Dlamini made the announcement today at the Rugby Union's offices. "We have called twenty eight players to this the first training session since returning from the Test Match in Botswana. The coaching staff and players know we have allot to work on for the return Test Match to be played at the Mavuso Sports Centre on Saturday October 6th...



We will be looking to bring in more players and to restructuring the team. We have met with the coaches and listed the issues we have with the teams performance in Botswana, there is allot of work ahead of us, but I'm very confident we can be allot better in the next encounter with Botswana" said Dlamini. SRU President, Michael Collinson said "We have area's of our game that need attention and I know Malindi Dlamini is aware of what is needed to better the teams performance. The SRU executive have full confidence in Malindi and the coaches. The players know where they need to step up and I know they are all up too the challenge. October 6th will be a very exciting game not only for the players, but the spectators as well" added Collinson.