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Botswana draw first blood

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Botswana on the attack.The game between Swaziland and Botswana kicked off yesterday on a perfect day for Rugby.  Botswana arrived early and from the start of their warm up routine it was obvious they meant business.  From the kick off the Tswana's took the game to Swaziland who seemed shell shocked at the agression and speed of the visitors.  Botswana had size and speed on the Swazi's and used them to full advantage.









Poor defence and bad tackling allowed the Botswana team to run in tries with little effort.  The whistle blew for halftime with the score at, Swaziland 0 - Botswana 37.  Handling errors prevented Botswana from scoring more tries.  During the second half stern words were heard from the Swaziland coaching team and it did seem to making a difference in the second half.  A more structured defence from the Swazi's held back the Tswana tide and allowed the Swazi's chances to counter attack.  A try for the Swazi's against the run of play seemed to bring the home team to life, but it was too late.  Botswana ran in two more tries and converted only one.  The final score, Swaziland 5 - Botswana 54.

The second game tomorrow will see Botswana up against Lesotho.